BriefLy Us

Billing Software is designed to handle inventory and billing tracking as well as invoicing customers for services and products.Billing software also can track the expenses associated with projects or clients. It gives you collective data of the customer order entry, satisfaction and invoices given to the customer. You can easily analyze the data which is entered into system on daily basis and one can easily measure the performance of the business.


Staff Members.

Create staff members and manage staff permissions and control staff activity.

Products and Inventory

You can add products and manage inventory.

Purchase and Sales

The ability to record a sale against a customer and record a purchase against suppliers..

Customer Record Creation

A feature that enables you to summarize customers’ personal and purchase information with search filters for easy access to customer records.

Create and customize invoices.

You can generate invoices for sales order.

Interactive Dashboard

With just one dashboard you can see the overall growth and performance of your business.

Generate Reports

You can produce a variety of reports with billing software which can assist you to track your finances. You can automate reports generation and export them.

Email Templates

Easily set-up pre-defined html email templates so sales can send emails based on a status.